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Boxer Rehabilitation

Boxertown has had tremendous success helping to find homes for over 90% of the boxer dogs listed on this site within days of being listed. You can click here to read just a few of the hundreds of letters we've received from people who have listed or adopted boxers on this site.

This website has allowed Boxertown to help many more dogs than we could have if we only helped the dogs we could take into foster homes or a rescue kennel first. On some days, especially during the summer, we find ourselves working late into the night helping to line up homes for the many boxers in need. There are some days when we will learn about 15 or more boxers needing to be rescued that same day. Thanks to the dozens of rescue groups and hundreds of individuals who visit this website each week, we've helped line up homes for almost all of them! ( Boxertown has helped place more than 500 boxers since 2003.)

Every now and then we come across very extreme situations. These are life-and-death cases where unless a dog is rescued and given immediate medical care within hours, it may die. Luckily this only happens a few times each year, but when it does, if another rescue group doesn't offer to help first, we may either use our license from the Georgia Department of Agriculture to pull such animals from a shelter, or Boxertown's founder Jeff Gold may personally adopt and rehabilitate some of these boxers in need. Below are before and after photos of two boxers that Jeff rescued and rehabilitated:

Brutus and Chalupa when they were first rescued:

Brutus and Chalupa a few months later playing together:

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